Chairman's Letter

Last year as I penned my preface for the opening of HAT’s annual grant request process, little did any of us realize the effects the growing COVID-19 pandemic would have on our community, our country and all nations.  The overwhelming sense of loss of relatives, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens has given us pause to reflect on the importance life itself.  The economic impact of the pandemic has been devastating for too many of our fellow citizens.  The overpowering emotional effect of living through the pandemic has tested the limits of our very being.  For most of us we know we will survive and life will continue to be good and rewarding.  However, for some of our fellow human beings life will continue to be a struggle perhaps even worse than before the pandemic.

In light of the circumstances in which we now all find ourselves, my fellow board members and I are committed more than ever to do our best to insure HAT’s trust funds are invested wisely.  The annual returns and gains garnered from those investments shall continue to be used the best way possible in meeting the needs of those among us who need affordable, safe, and livable housing for them and their family.  We also look to support community programs, which promote the common good and welfare for such individuals.

The Board looks forward to reviewing your organization’s request in the next few months.

Best Regards,

Sam J. Parker. Chairman

My fellow board members and I are committed more than ever to do our best to insure HAT’s trust funds are invested wisely.


Housing Affordability Trust

Sam Parker


Hugo Isom


Michael Davis

Board Member

Perry Shuttlesworth

Board Member

In 2012, the Jefferson County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners and the Jefferson County Assisted Housing Corporation (now known as Navigate Affordable Housing Partners) formed the Housing Affordability Trust.

The Trust, known as “the HAT,” provides financial support to eligible organizations to carry out housing and housing-related services for their charitable purposes.

The Trust has been able to establish a legacy of helping charities, empowering families, improving housing and building healthy communities.